Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Please help us...

I thought it would be fun to go start our baby registry this past saturday at Babies R Us.


Not fun.

Thomas and I quickly realized that we had no idea what we were doing or what we needed. Yeah, we know the baby needs a bathtub and bottles, etc.. But when it comes to all the millions of options out there for babies, wtf do we know? We're both the babies of our families, and our niece and nephews live out of state. Also, neither of us have best friends with babies at this point. I am very thankful to everyone who gives their opinion either in person or on facebook, because even if I don't end up taking any one piece of advice, it's just nice to hear how parents think and what all we need to consider.

I actually left a lot of the registering up to Thomas. Mostly because I had to go to the bathroom like three times while we were there, and also, I really have no predetermined feelings on bath toys. It made me feel better that even my husband seemed to agree that all baby stuff is ugly. When we were looking at high chairs he was like, "would it kill them to just make a plain black high chair!?" This is a guy who wears his navy calf-high work socks with running shoes when we walk the dogs.

Here is a very staged picture of Thomas, evident by the fact that he is holding the scanner up to the box where there is no barcode...

And here is me wanting to die...

So here's the deal... take a look at our registries and tell me if you have any feedback. I promise my feelings won't be hurt, unless you make fun of the clothes I picked out... Also, we are for sure getting the bumbleride indie stroller. But for instance, if there is something we picked out that you just know is a piece of junk, feel free to tell me so.


Some questions I have:
1. Amazon is like wayyy cheaper for baby stuff... everybody wins. But, is there a chance anyone will actually order me something off of if it's listed on the baby shower invitation?
2. The vibrating seat slash swing thing just kills me. Does the baby need both? Why are they all so ugly? Do you have the mamaroo and is it awesome?
3. Hats? Do babies really need to wear hats all the time?
4. Breastpumps. Tell me everything you know on the subject including why the version that comes with a travel backpack is $100 more expensive.
5. If I am a stay-at-home-mom and breastfeed, planning only to pump when a special circumstance arises, how many bottles do I need?
6. Do babies prefer sea creatures or jungle animals?
7. Is there another place to register that you think is awesome?



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