Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Shopping for baby boys...

... Can be challenging. There is a lot of cute stuff out there for boys, but it definitely takes more work and perseverance than shopping for little girls. Girls can wear all sorts of clothes: dresses, rompers, tutus, leggings, skirts, shorts, pants, onesies, etc. Boys can wear shirts, pants, and shorts. And most of those come with obnoxious graphic prints or lots of "sayings" about loving mommy or something. So basically, if you have the same taste in baby clothes as I do, that pretty much leaves you with a baby boy who has clothes in every color combination of stripes possible. Stripes, people. That's what your baby will wear if you don't want them to be "mommy's #1 hunk all-star that's tough just like dad."

I have been slowly picking up little things for the baby here and there from Carters, Ruelala, Gilt, Baby Gap, Old Navy, and one or two boutiques. You just have to be patient and you can find really great stuff for your boy... hopefully on sale. I don't think I have paid full price for any one piece of baby clothing yet. That's what grandma is for. In my opinion/from my experience, I have never had any luck at Babies R Us or Target. And Target has THE CUTEST stuff for girls. They have a few cute things for little boys, but literally nothing for baby boys. What a letdown. Also, online sale sites like Ruelala, Gilt, and Zulily have totally unique and fun baby clothes now and then.

My biggest tip for baby boy shopping is NEVER BUY KNIT BOTTOMS. Basically every little boy outfit comes with navy, brown, or grey pants. So don't bother buying any seperate bottoms in this category, because you simply can't avoid acquiring them anytime you buy sets. I made this mistake early on, and the baby already has like six pairs of grey pants.

Some of my favorite purchases so far...

Clockwise from top left:
1. Vneck onesie and knit shorts by EverAfter. I like guys in vneck shirts. I also like babies in vneck shirts. 
2. Chevron long sleeve bodysuit from Old Navy. My guess is that chevron is on the out. For that reason, I haven't committed to bringing any into my house, but the baby can wear it before it becomes too passe. I love chevron, but it has saturated the market so deeply that I just assume it's only a matter of time before customers and retailers get sick of it.
3. Knit peacoat from Baby Gap. I bought this on the clearance rack for $5.97. It was originally $40. I am amazing.
4. Blue stripe giraffe pajamas. I have no idea who makes this and I am too lazy to go upstairs and figure it out. It is from a really cute baby store in northwest Houston, called Chic Baby. 
5. Multi color terrycloth playsuit from Baby Gap. I love terrycloth baby clothes, and I have bought a lot of terrycloth onesies from Gap and Carters. I think subconciously I feel it will be less likely to stain. It's like your baby's entire outfit is made out of a bib. Our son is due September 29th, so terrycloth won't be too warm. 
6. Red stripe shirt and shorts by Coccoli. For when the baby is feeling Parisian.
7. Red stripe sweater and plaid pants from Baby Gap. No lie... I got the sweater for like $3 and the pants for $5. It helps that our baby is being born in fall and I am purchasing cold-weather clothes in June that are probably 10 months old. They also had the scary "final sale" sticker on them. 
8. "Boys Rule" tee from Carters. I really don't like baby stuff with words on them (unless it's a monogram!), but I can deal with this one. It's not too dorky, and I really like the lightning bolts. 

If you have any great shopping tips for baby boys, please share in the comment section! I would love to hear your secrets!


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