Friday, August 17, 2012

Some BODY that I used to know...

I know you're tired of hearing it, but I want to catch you up on some body that I used to know.

Ironically, at the beginning of the year, in the midst of a strong a commitment to crossfit and the paleo diet, I decided to enter a body makeover contest with Oxygen Magazine. I took a lot of measurements and had Thomas take a bunch of "before" photos. Like the next day, I found out I was pregnant. If there was any part of me that kind of freaked out at the news of a surprise pregnancy, it was only the part of me that felt so determined to accomplish my diet and fitness goals.

At first, I was convinced that I would continue to eat clean and go to crossfit well into my pregnancy. I was reading all these blogs by women who did crossfit throughout their pregnancy, and I was really excited to take on the challenge. Well, I tried for about a week. Then the morning sickness came on so fast and strong that I was basically in bed for the next six weeks, never to return to crossfit. And the diet? Please. I had more carbs while I was sick than I did the entire previous year. Not because I was going on a crazy pregnant binge, but because about all I could eat was cereal and various crackers/snacks/cookies.

I constantly have dreams about going back to crossfit post-birth and either 1 of 2 things always happens. 1. I am somehow magically stronger before I got pregnant and can do pullups and climb the rope like crazy, or 2. everything at the gym has changed from the people/coaches to the facilities, and no one is nice to me. In reality, I don't think either of those are possible.

So what you are about to see is proof that my parents probably loved me way too much as a child. Because no one in their right might would feel ok with putting these pictures of themselves on the internet. But, I'm keepin it real, yall. I actually made this over two weeks ago, and went back and forth on whether or not I should post it. The first picture was intended to be the "before" picture for weight loss... an unnattractive baseline from which I was suppose to get way hotter. Instead, I gained a ton of weight and grew a baby. Also, the first picture was taken from above by my husband, and the second was take from below with a self-timer. Just wanted to clarify why my chin is looking more like chins.


The truth is, I feel good about my body. This post is not meant to be entirely self-depricating. Looking back at the "before", I remember how badly I wanted to improve but it was to see how far I could push myself, not because I was unhappy. And now that I am 34 weeks pregnant and everything has gone to hell, a big part of me still just feels proud about what my body has done. Yeah, extra cellulite is not neccesary for growing a baby, but I have it, and I am surprisingly blase about it.

So now lets all hold hands, wear baltic amber necklaces, and talk about how all pregnant women are beautiful, and what's happening to our bodies is a mircale. We are, and it totally is.


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