Wednesday, August 8, 2012

The baby has a name, and it is...

Henry has been one of our favorite names from the beginning, and we finally decided FOR SURE that this is the name we want for our little guy. We still do not have a middle name chosen, but it is most likely going to be a family name. 

A lot of people suggested we give the baby my maiden name, Rocco. And yeah, while I love that idea, everyone I know from college STILL calls me Rocco. And my brother is largely referred to as Rocco by his friends. I feel it's kind of unfair for a baby boy to have to share his first name with his mom... and I want his name to be distinctly his own.

There really are no reasons that we chose Henry other than we just like it. It's traditional, gentile without being pretentious, currently not extremely popular, and it's solid for a little boy that will some day be a man. 

I hope you are excited about Henry! And if not, please just use the first amendment responsibly and keep your feelings to yourself. 

Lauren & Baby Henry

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