Monday, August 6, 2012

Houston baby shower...

This past weekend my best friend, Morgan, and her mom, Carla, hosted a beautiful baby shower for me in Houston. Morgan and I have been best friends since 1st grade. Now that I am having a child of my own, I can't believe that soon, I will have a son in first grade... putting me in the same place as my parents when Morgan and I met. Ahhh, the circle of life.

The shower was a huge success. The food was so yummy, and the details in the decorations were impressive, to say the least. Thomas and I received a lot of really great gifts for the baby from cloth diapers to a baby swing. Our house looks like it has exploded with baby stuff, which is awesome and we are so thankful for everyone's generosity. My favorite gift has to be the hand knitted (or crocheted?) afghan that another one of my best friends made for the baby. It's even TURQUOISE & GOLD. Genius. I really had no idea that my friend, Jenny, could knit, and I just think it's the most special thing ever that she made this herself! You can see the blanket in a picture below.

With two beautiful angels dogs in the house, we have given a lot of thought and time figuring out the best way to make this transition better for them. One of our strategies has been to have baby stuff already out in the house so that they get used to it being in their environment. We have even taken them on walks with the stroller... which I am sure made people really confused when they saw us pushing around an empty stroller at the park. Anyway, I've realized that it hasn't just been good for the dogs to get used to all this stuff, but good for Tom and I as well. We need to adjust just as much as the dogs do, and we are becoming more and more in touch with the fact that there really will be a baby boy here in less than two months. After this baby shower, it is absolutely undeniable that our lives are all going to be all about baby from here on out. Which is how it should be.

Pictures from the main event...

Thanks again to everyone who has been to a baby shower for us! We apologize for getting married and pregnant in less than one year, and we promise you will never have to buy us gifts ever again. (Seriously, it's been very hard to feel ok about inviting people to a baby shower when they just gave us an awesome wedding gift 9 months ago). 


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