Tuesday, September 11, 2012

I'm the king of the world!...

Or at least that's how I feel. If you had recently been wondering about the state of my cervix, I have answers for you. I am 37 weeks and 3 days pregnant. My due date is 18 days away (September 29th). Today I had a weekly check at the doctor where they basically get way up in your biznatch sans speculum to check what's going on. These types of checks are totally not medically necessary, and lots of people from the natural birth persuasion often choose to forgo them. FYI: it hurts like hell. Kind of like someone trying to claw your eyes out from your inside your vagina.

Last week I was locked and loaded. Henry was VERY high, and my cervix was shut tight. Well, today, I am dilated 1-2cm and 50% effaced. Again... king of the world. This does not mean I am in labor, going into labor, or will deliver early, but my doctor says it's a pretty legit indicator that I'm unlikely to go past my due date. Thank you, Jesus. This stage of pregnancy feels so hopeless and the idea of going PAST my due date makes me want to be in a medically induced coma that ends when it's time to push.

Does that sound like an exaggeration? Because it's not...

No, that picture has not been photo shopped. That was the result of going out to dinner after laying down and doing absolutely nothing for an entire day. So it's not like I "pushed" myself or did too much that day. My feet pretty basically look like the all the time now. I literally can feel them jiggle when I walk. I'm sure I have stretch marks on my toes, too. But obviously, I can't see my toes right now so there's no way for me to know for sure.

Oh, and I also found out that I don't have AIDS at my appointment. So really, it's been a pretty awesome day all around.


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