Thursday, September 6, 2012

Newlywed bliss...

As I have made very clear from the beginning, having a baby in our first year of marriage was never part of the plan. But there really is nothing better in life than surprises, and Tom and I can't wait for Henry to be here.

With that said, the whole pregnancy thing kind of puts a kink in being newlyweds. I don't really know what you're "supposed" to do in your first year of marriage, but I don't think it includes long talks about stretch marks or spending Valentine's Day dinner at Jason's Deli. (Because literally all I could eat was a baked potato at that point). You probably also shouldn't be having to make really tough decisions like should we spend money on umbilical cord blood banking or buy a sprinkler system?

And while this may not be true for all woman, in my case pregnancy has shredded any tiny last bit of mystery I was keeping as a woman. You know what I write on the blog. That's only scratching the surface of unsavory details I find it necessary to share with my husband. But whatever, he's that kind of guy and I'm that kind of girl. Nothing really freaks either of us out. Below is more evidence of our newlywed bliss.

10 months into marriage and we're already sleeping in separate "beds"...

No, Tom was not stranded on an island like Tom Hanks in Castaway, nor was he a prisoner of war like Sergeant Brody in Homeland... He just really likes to sleep on the floor. Which means. WHICH MEANS... I get the entire king sized bed to myself.

To clarify the situation, we decided that the dogs would not be allowed on the bed once baby is here. We decided this for safety reasons, but mostly so that there is one less area where the baby is inhaling dog hair at all times. And so that it didn't come as a shock to them, we weaned them off the bed about a month ago and they haven't been on since. This past weekend, Tom got the idea that he would make a pallet and sleep on the floor with them one night for fun. (We know how to have a good time). I think they had a little TOO much fun because he hasn't been back since. FINE BY ME. MORE PILLOWS FOR EVERY PART OF MY BODY.

I am not sure when he will return to our bed, but I'm not too stressed about it. Sleeping while pregnant is so uncomfortable that any amount of extra space to thrash around is a bonus. It was much harder to have the dogs stop sleeping on our bed than it was the husband.


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