Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Our 2 month old has an iPhone...

 Henry is now 2 months old, and as far as I can tell 2 months is when they start being real babies. Up until now, I've felt more like a caretaker than a mom. Even though I was instantly bonded to him, he didn't seem to give a rat's ass about me. But now we are getting real interaction. He is smiling and talking more and more, and he is batting at toys and grabbing at them on occasion. He also now likes to be held which is amazing because I finally get to cuddle and hug my sweet baby.

The best part of my entire day is when I go to get him out of bed and he looks up at me and instantly smiles. He is already getting it that I'm awesome, and it just kills me every single day. 

As for his baby stats, he is now 11lbs10oz and 23.5 inches long. This makes him a pretty lean baby, but the doctor assures me he is doing great. He sleeps 8-10 hours straight a night, and we're still breastfeeding 7-8 times a day. Speaking of sleep, that's why he has an iPhone. There is nothing that makes our baby sleep like roaring white noise. So we downloaded an app on Tom's old phone and keep it 3 inches away from Henry's head about 12 hours a day. We frequently have discussions about our feelings on children and cellphones... and it looks like we gave in about fifteen years and 46 weeks sooner than planned. 

He is still in disposable diapers, but we plan to switch to cloth diapers here soon. I will probably wait until he grows out of size 1 because we have a million left that I don't want to go to waste. The cloth diaper thing will be a huge trial and error process, but I have really high hopes that we can pull it off. Why do I want to use cloth you ask? It saves a ton of money, and it really is disguisting how much waste disposables contribute to the environment. I'm not super "green" or anything, but I guess if I can be more eco friendly while also saving money, it's worth a shot. 

He's pretty close to learning the eye roll...

Yeah, that's Tom's arm in the background. This was the only picture in which Henry was remotely looking at the camera, and he just wasn't in the mood to sit up. He became entranced with the pattern of the chair and just wanted to stair down at the fabric the entire time. Plus, I already took about 50 pictures of him today, so he is basically over it. 

Some more successful photos...

Oh, will someone please tell me how I am supposed to do tummy time? He hates it. HATES. IT. And it is like he is panicked the entire time which freaks me out. Do I just make him suck it up?


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