Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Weight loss Wednesdays...

I started weighing myself officially a couple of Wednesdays ago, and I think I will go ahead and dedicate Wednesdays on T&G to weight loss.

I finally made some progress this past week. For me, it basically comes down to eating as little as possible. Not in an eating disorder way, but in a this is unfortunately what it takes way. For instance, the other night I didn't really have anything for dinner, but I was also not starving. I thought to myself, "I am going to take this opportunity to go ahead and just not eat." That's what I did and the scale thanked me for it in the morning. Don't get me wrong... I had healthy, nutritious food earlier in the day, and by no means am I starving myself. I have 27 years of experience with this body, and I know, for now, that embracing hunger is going to be my best bet for dropping 10 lbs like now.

So here we are...

3lbs in three weeks would be reasonable if I wasn't capable of gaining 5lbs in an hour. I will say that I am starting to feel that boot camp is paying off. I can tell that my endurance and agility are both increasing. My pelvis might actually be back to normal now. When I run, I am no longer painfully aware that I gave birth three months ago. 

My first mini-goal is just to get back into some of my normal jeans. I am still wearing my emergency Target jeans, and they are pretty awful. I have so many cute pants waiting for me on the other side of this weight loss rainbow. From ikat printed to metallic coated, I am missing out on so many cute pairs of jeans right now...

... All of them still have tags. I will completely own the fact that I have a lot of clothes. A lot of NICE clothes. I have worked my employee discounts as much as possible in my retail career, and often have had opportunities to order from trunk shows at below-cost prices. That typically means around 70% off. On top of that, I know my way around designer sales, and almost never pay full price for anything. With that said, it's killing me that all these pieces that I love are just sitting there waiting to be worn.

This one, especially. I ordered it 70% off from while I was pregnant, but I still have a ways to go...

If you have any magical weight loss tips other than eat less and exercise more, please feel free to pass them along. Or if you also have some weight to lose and hate every second of it, go ahead and commiserate with me in the comments.


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