Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Lucite tray DIY...

Back in the 90s, my mom used to hang our soccer pictures and homecoming photos in the hall using these horrible, acrylic box frames. Fast forward 20 years... not so horrible. I used one for another DIY that I will post about later, but as I was unpacking it, I realized that HELLO... it's a knock off lucite tray for $3.99. I recently bought one for like $60 from a great etsy shop, so I kind of feel like an idiot.  But before you waste all your money like me, I wanted to share the simplest DIY ever in the world.

If you wanted to create something personalized like the tray below, just print whatever you like (maybe a monogram or a picture of your super adorable puppy), put a sheet protector over it, and done! Your coffee table is now cool and fancy.

If any of you try this one out, I would LOVE to see pictures! Oh, and happy birthday to my dad! I have spent most of my life making fun of this man, but he is truly the best dad ever.


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