Thursday, January 31, 2013

Mom style: happening right now at Old Navy

I saw this dress today at Old Navy, and it was about a two second decision whether to buy it or not. Spoiler alert! I did. We have some dinner plans this weekend, and I think it will be great for a cute and casual outfit. And because it's from Old Navy, I don't care if it forever smells like Mexican food. 

I recently decided that I need to try harder to look nice. My style is so polarized. I either go all out and get fancy, or I wear the same workout clothes for two days. I need to start making the effort to fill in the gap and look at least half way decent when I go run errands or get a quick lunch somewhere. Even in college, my dad poignantly made the remark that all I wear is dresses and nike shorts. (who has time for pants?). But now, years later, having a little one makes it hard to shower whenever you feel like it, so then I'm like well I don't want to put clean clothes on if I can't shower (after working out)... and then that goes on for a while and you realize that you've been wearing the same sportsbra since Tuesday. Because I literally am starting to feel bad for my husband for having such a grungy wife, I am trying to make an effort now. Please tell me you relate to this a little bit?


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