Monday, February 18, 2013

Henry: 4 months...

Here we are: 4 months into motherhood. I thought things suddenly got so much easier at 3 months, but 4 months has blown me away.

At his 4 month check up, Henry was 14.4 lbs (40%), 25.25 inches (62%), and 17.32 inches in head circumference (90%). His head is obviously his most pronounced feature. I find that he tends to look a little older/bigger next to other babies because he has a toddler-sized noggin. He is mostly wearing 6 months clothes, and he's in a size 2 diaper still.

He is now pushing up, rolling over, and somehow able to scoot himself around a little bit on his back. Which means... I have to be more careful about leaving him when I need to go grab something in the other room. He is regularly sleeping 11 hours per night. He will still occasionally wake up at 6am sometimes in which case I feed him and put him back to sleep. But most nights we can expect at least 10 hours. Yes, he is an incredible sleeper.

He is laughing and talking, grabbing at everything, slapping me across the face occasionally, holding things with his feet, and so much more. Thomas and I are loving seeing all the new things he does each day. We are also loving having a little bit of time to ourselves now that he's going to bed earlier.

We are no longer breastfeeding. I hate to admit that, but it came to an end about 2 weeks ago. I wish I could have fixed my supply issues, but I tried everything (EVERY. THING.) and each day I was making less and less. I tell myself that I am glad that he at least got milk for about 4 months which is about the time it takes for their tummies to be ready for things other than breast milk. Speaking of, he also has had rice cereal from a spoon several times. It's a huge mess, but he is starting to get the hang of it. Here are some pictures from the past month.

First time with food...
 Oh hey, mom...
 First time at church...


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