Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Weight Wednesday: progress...

I know I have mentioned a lot of weight loss challenges that I am doing. Perhaps it's a little confusing, so I'm going to recap.

Mother Love Fitness Challenge through Baby Boot Camp
-Feb 4th - April 29th
-Focus is on improving fitness through class at Baby Boot Camp
-No real "winner," but you get entries to win prizes from corporate sponsors.

Can't Fake Fit Challenge through My Fit Foods
-21 days: Feb 16th - March 8th
-Focus is on diet through eating My Fit Foods meal plan
-Winners are based on percentage of body weight lost, and the grand prize is a trip to Cabo.

I want that trip to Cabo bad. REAL BAD. I actually think I have a decent chance at winning. I've looked at statistics for the winners in the past, and it's definitely doable. For a percentage-based weight loss competition, I am in a good range where I have a lot to lose but not so much that it won't be a big percentage. And if I don't win the trip, there are still other prizes like MFF gift cards. That would also be great because that shiz be expensive y'all.

Now, to complicate things even further... Everyone who signed up for the My Fit Foods challenge got a free 21 day membership to the gym next door, Koko Fit Club. The whole schtick of Koko is that you have your own USB that you plug into these all-in-one resistance training machines. Each time you go, the screen tells you exactly what to do: how much weight, how many reps, and what pace you should be working at. Then at the end of the workout, you can access your own web page that shows statistic about how many calories you burned and what kind of progress you are making. I have no intention of paying for a membership there, but I like the concept and will definitely take advantage of the free 21 days.

It's like this...

Ok, I am officially done explaining boring stuff.

In regards to the 2 lbs I lost this week, it's definitely all diet. My working out hasn't really changed. I enjoy the meal plan that I am on, but I definitely get hungry. My day looks like this:

8am - breakfast
11am - snack
2pm - lunch
5pm - snack
8pm- dinner

The problem is that because I eat breakfast kind of late (compared to working people), that pushes my lunch and dinner back to times that are definitely outside of my comfort zone. I am dying by 2pm for lunch. The snacks are like a thing of yogurt, or maybe a couple apple slices and 3 cubes of cheese. So no lunch until 2pm is hard. I guess I just need to accept the "hard"-ness of it all. Losing weight IS hard. Every bit of it. Working out sucks, dieting sucks... there is just nothing worse.

I would pay $10k/year every year of my life if it meant I could not work out and eat whatever I felt like. And if I had the money, I would pay a million dollars. There are people out there who get to do that for free. Not me. I started running in 4th grade. In 2nd grade one of my friends reassured me that I "wasn't fat. Just chubby." Um, thanks? Luckily, I had an inappropriate amount of self-esteem as a child, so I never let it get me down.

But anyway... 7 lbs is pretty great. 7 lbs makes a difference. Slow and steady wins the race, right?


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