Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Weight Loss Wednesday: 2lbs and new jeans...

Phew. Thank God. 2 lbs this week which is still putting me at an average of 1 lb per week. I'll take it. I've been eating a lot smarter this week (minus the chicken tenders I chowed down on Saturday), and I can definitely see a difference.

This Saturday, I am starting a 21 day challenge with My Fit Foods. Most of yall in Texas probably already know what that is, but for my out of state readers, I'll give you a brief overview. My Fit Foods makes fresh, microwaveable, ready to eat meals. It's like a Lean Cuisine except that it's super healthy and made locally. They aren't frozen, have no preservatives, and expire in about 3 days. I've eaten a bunch of these in the past and find them to be really tasty. My Fit Foods has store locations where you can buy their food, and they also have special boutique-like counters in certain grocery stores where you can buy the meals as well.

Today, I went to one of their locations and had a consultation for the 21 day challenge. It just so happens that they are starting a competition this weekend, and whoever loses the most body fat percentage can win a trip to Cabo. I've never been to Cabo, but the rich kids from Laguna Beach seemed to like it so I'm in. So wish me luck!

I had a major break through this weekend. I went to Urban Outfitters and was able to get in to a pair of their jeans. And bought them. We all know UO's sizing can sometimes be biased towards people who choose to forego eating to support a drug addiction, so I was especially pleased about it. My gigantic target jeans just aren't cutting it any more. Within 5 minutes of wearing them, half of my butt crack is sticking out. But I still can't fit into any of my jeans at home either, so UO saved the day.

Other than that, Happy Ash Wednesday! Are you guys giving anything up for lent? I've decided that I am giving up spending money on myself and on our home. This means no $7 Old Navy shirts, no sports bras from Target, no weird nicknacks from TJ Maxx. I successfully gave up online shopping three years ago for Lent, so I think I will be able to do it.


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