Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day!

That little guy is obviously my Valentine this year, and because I'm nice, I will share him with my husband.

We are boring parents now so the idea of going out last night instead so that we could "avoid crowds" seemed perfect. We went to see Argo at brand new Alamo Draft House out by us (Grandma babysat). We live in a suburb of Northwest Houston. The same one I grew up in. And while we love living here because we're close to family and a lot of things that we grew up with and enjoy, I still long for city life. I lived on South Congress in Austin, Madison Ave in New York, and Cherry Street in Tulsa. Being able to walk to cool stuff is extremely important to me, and I would even settle for great public transportation. But in a city like Houston, that type of accessibility usually means you have a ton of money and no need for a yard. 

So here we are out in good ole Klein, Texas. The point of me telling you this is that in one year we are getting both an Alamo Draft House AND Whole Foods. By just typing those words, I feel like the value of our house just went up $10,000. Klein is by no means a "small town," it just doesn't have a lot of local flavor. Most of the shopping and eating is like Old Navy and Fuddruckers. But lately, it seems like more and more cool stuff is popping up. We got a Mellow Mushroom a couple months ago, and although the service is completely horrible, I'm always thrilled to go.

Back on the subject of Valentine's Day and being boring... We mutually decided that our Valentine's gifts this year would be getting shutters in our bedroom. We've had horrible temporary paper shades for the past year, and it's time to step it up.

I should probably also mention, on Valentine's Day, that my husband is the best and that I love him so much. It's because of him that I get to stay home with my baby and take pictures of him and blog about it. The more I get to know my husband, the more it is fundamentally clear that we are meant to be together. Love you, babe! (pshhhh he seriously never reads my blog)

Tell me about your gifts this year! I want to hear what you got your loves and little ones. Or did any of you get something completely awesome and unexpected?

Happy Valentine's Day!

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