Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Weight (zero) loss Wednesday...

Yeah, so no lost pounds this week. Super annoying. I've been working out more and eating less, but nada. These are the times I know that I have to stick with it, and not give in to being disappointed slash giving up.

On Monday, I started a weight loss challenge through Baby Boot Camp. I was weighed (horrifying), measured, and had to run a half mile. The competition is nation wide across all the baby boot camp locations, but I really have no idea what the grand prize is. It goes for 12 weeks until the end of April, and my goal is 20 lbs. I am hoping to lose some decent weight mostly so that I can have some good before & after photos. I wore rainbow spandex shorts to make sure that the pictures would be extra compelling. Plus, getting a spray tan and wearing makeup in the after picture will instantly make me look 10 lbs lighter.

Womp womp...

Three lonely marbles in the weight loss jar...

On a kind of related note... Workout clothes are BS. I guess before I had a baby and was unemployed, I didn't notice how overpriced spandex pants are. The other day, I gave in and got some new Nike running pants and they were $50. I also bought some Academy-brand ones for $17.99 and they are a million times better. Don't even get me started on Lululemon. I mean, I love their stuff, but I just can't pay $52 for a sports bra. I am, however, happy to have other people gift me extravagant exercise gear if they're feeling generous. I have also tried Old Navy workout stuff, but so far the sizing seems really weird. Plus, I feel it should be less expensive. I actually really like Gap for workout clothes, but it has to be on sale (which it always is). So anyway, if you have any secret resources for workout clothes, please let me know!

How are yall doing with your fitness goals? Any progress to report?


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