Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Weight Wednesday: 1 lb and Henry is a sitter!

One more pound! It's nice to see the number slowly whittle away. Losing 17 lbs is a lot less daunting than losing 30 lbs, and I highly suggest making a little chart like this for yourself if you are in the weight loss process. 

Tonight, I made more cookies... and I straight up had to throw the extra dough away or I knew I would eat all of it. Sometimes, when I see food, my reaction is almost scary. Two nights ago, my husband brought home a piece of cheesecake from a work birthday party. When he opened the box, and I saw what it was, I became a rabid animal. I just looked at him and said, "I AM going to eat that." And I did. It was psycho. When it comes to unexpected food that just randomly shows up, I honestly have no control. When I worked in an office, it was really bad. People were just always bringing kolaches and spinach dip and all my other favorite foods... and I never seemed to be able to control myself. I think it can be especially challenging at work because... you're at work. Which, in general, mostly sucks. Then a cookie shows up and it's like the highlight of the entire day. 

We all know that I am not working right now, but when you've literally done nothing for yourself the entire day, and then a freaking piece of red velvet cheesecake from the cheesecake factory magically appears, you WILL eat it. No questions asked. 

Ok, enough about my hugely obvious food addiction... Henry is officially a sitter! He has been sitting up and wobbling a lot lately, but today, I felt he really earned the official status of "sitter." Check out my big guy!...

I haven't been hearing much about other people's progress lately. Please share if you've recently lost some EL-BEEZ, or at least let me know that I'm not the only one who would lie, cheat, and steal for a breakfast taco.


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