Friday, May 10, 2013

Henry: 7 months!

This is the first month that I feel slightly panicked by how quickly this whole baby thing is going to be over. Before, my reaction was more along the lines of "thank you, Jesus" every time he did something that made him less helpless. But now... I don't really know how to finish this sentence. Just picture me with a really pathetic, sad look on my face.

 He has changed so much in the past month, and he is becoming more and more like a "big boy" every day. I mean, he can't crawl yet or anything, but he is maneuvering and getting around here and there. As much as I want relief from having to move him and carry him everywhere, it really is sad when they start to not need you as much. Especially because when they're doing their own thing, you can tell that you are the last thing on their mind. As a mom, you don't get any closure to the end of your child's developmental stages, because they are already fully immersed in the next stage. There's no special baby hug they give you before they start holding their own bottle or pulling up on the crib.

Henry has had a lot of mental leaps as well. He is talking a lot more all of a sudden, and it just feels like he is really trying to communicate. All his sounds are either G or H sounds right now. I probably spend 30 minutes every day just saying mama and dada over and over again right in his face. He loves it and smiles, but there is no attempt to mimic yet. As I mentioned before, he is also learning the game of life. Lesson 1: how to trick your mom into doing everything you say. The worst thing he has learned is how to fight sleep. Watching your baby fight sleep is the most obnoxious thing ever.

For toys, Henry loves everything that isn't a toy. Let's see... Keys, boxes, any type of container, paper towel rolls, hair brushes, plastic bags (he is supervised), the mail, my shirt, washcloths in the bath, packets of baby wipes, and anything else he can get his hands on. I spent over $100 the last month on toys, so you can image how dumb I feel.

How big is Henry now? Big enough. His next doctor appointment is not until 9 months, so your guess is as good as mine. I do know that he is getting fatter. The creases in his wrists and his tiny double chin keep growing. He is still somewhere in the 6-12M clothes range, and he is wearing size 3 diapers.

Henry is eating pureed baby foods. I gave him chicken noodle for the first time today, and he really loved it. In general, I think the fruits are more tart or sweet than he really likes. I also give him puffs in hopes that one day he will be able to get one in his mouth on his own. I have almost retired mum mums because they are such a pain in the ass to clean up. They get really mushy, but they dry as hard as cement in like 5 seconds.

He has also had a piece of a french fry. And just like Alicia Silverstone, I chewed it a little bit and then let him eat it. I did it without even thinking. I just clamped my teeth down on it a few times before I handed it to him so that he would be less likely to choke. I didn't like chew it up, swish it around with milk, and then barf it into his mouth. I am, however, completely guilty of eating a puff or mum mum that fell out of my child's mouth.

I'm really not that concerned with baby food. I know there are people who put a lot of effort into making their own or being extremely specific about what they give the baby. I think that is really great, seriously, I am just fully aware that I don't seem to care that much right now. The only thing I care about is when will he be able to start eating grilled cheese? I haven't had a grilled cheese in years, and I've been obsessing about it ever since he started on solids. Oh, and teddy grahams.

I really couldn't decide which one I love more...


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