Thursday, May 23, 2013

Stay at home style

I had a big pep talk with myself recently. It was about a lot of things, but the main theme was "making an effort." Since then, I have showered every day this week. I also went to the grocery store and have been COOKING DINNER. 

Fashion is my one true passion in life. When I was in high school, people must have thought I was insane because I would wear things like lace skirts and high heels... just because. When I was in college, sometimes I was aware that my clothes qualified more as "costumes" than they did "outfits". Kind of in a Grey Gardens sort of way. I'm not quite to Man Repeller status, but I have always been pretty adventurous for your average boring ole white girl from the suburbs. 

So I've decided that I need to make the effort. Not only to look nice, but to exercise a passion of mine that really does make me excited and happy. Here is what I have put together this past week. 

  cream blouse // Tucker
mint lace shorts // LOFT
necklace // vintage Whiting & Davis (for sale on ebay!)
earrings // Kendra Scott
hair // H&M sock bun

 trim sleeve blouse // LOFT
butterfly shorts // J. Crew
embroidered flats // Maloles
belt // H&M
tribal bracelet // Sundance

I bought these shoes from a store I worked at in Austin called Fetish. God, I loved that job and I loved that store. To this day, I still have everything I bought there 5 years ago, because all of those pieces are still fresh and interesting. The girl who had Fetish now owns an amazing lingerie store called Underwear in Austin. You can shop online at

 denim button down // Cotton On
striped shorts // Madewell
perforated oxfords // Bloch
horn earrings // Kuhl Linscomb
turquoise bracelet // vintage from my dad
hair // Heidi

Oh, and I got a pedicure AND a manicure today. I honestly never get manicures because I can't keep up with them, but my husband got me one as a Mother's Day gift, so I figured why not? I did my toes in blue, and my fingers in mint with one blue accent finger. I know. That trend is like 3 years old. But considering my nails will only stay painted for about 72 hours, I went for it. 

I would also like to mention that I bought Schiap lipstick by Nars about two or three years ago, and recently I have decided that there is no event too casual for hot pink lipstick. Honestly, I look 100% better with a very colorful lip. I have small eyes, light eyelashes, and half-invisible eyebrows, so I find that a bold mouth helps to define my face a bit. If you don't already have Schiap, you probably need to get on that. Lastly, one of my secret talents is hair. If I never have a little girl it will be such a shame because I can do just about every crazy braid you've ever seen on pinterest. I am also trying to be creative with my hair on the days that I don't feel like washing it. Today, I went with Heidi braids. Admittedly, my hair is probably a little too short for the braids, so it looked a little sloppy. But the weirdness of being a 27 year old mom wearing Heidi braids totally made it worth it.


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