Tuesday, May 7, 2013

The worst kept secret ever...

If you have seen me anytime in the last 7 months, was I wearing running shoes? Nike shorts? A vneck tshirt? The answer is probably yes. Makeup? Hair down? Jewelry? The answer is probably no.

So my secret is that I honestly probably wear real clothes for a total of 6 hours max in an entire week. Seriously. A couple hours every time we go out to dinner, and I will go ahead and throw in some bonus occasion like a doctor's appointment or a shopping trip where the service I get will partially be determined by how non-poor I look. Other than that, workout clothes 24/7. 

I wish I could say this is because I'm a mom and I don't have time for all that jazz. It has nothing to do with being a mom, because I don't think I wore jeans to class one time in my five years at college. Once I quit my job to move back to Texas, my kind of awesome work wardrobe became obsolete. So did anything with a non-elastic waistband. 

I am completely exploiting the fact that as a society, we have accepted workout clothes as the new casual uniform. And for some ridiculous reason that I cannot explain, I usually feel cuter in running shorts with no makeup that I do in jeans with my hair down. 

Actually, being a mom has led me to step up my game a bit. A couple months ago I had to have a chat with myself that it just wasn't ok to keep wearing my old ZTA shirts, even just to run around the park. And that my ancient J. Crew tshirt with 4 holes in it really wasn't ok either. After that, I decided to make an investment in workout clothes that at least look slightly put together. Translation: I went out and bought about 6 Old Navy vnecks. Nothing says "I have nailed elegant workout dressing" like a white tshirt from Old Navy. 

Even more recently, I've bought some legit workout shirts and tanks. Before, I refused to buy anything like this because I had about 9 million tshirts rotting in my drawers that I could wear. But now I am slowly building up my arsenal of brightly colored dry fit items. 

Last night, my mom took Henry and I to dinner (where I wore workout clothes), and then treated us to a mini shopping trip at Gap. Henry's purchases were, of course, the cutest. But I headed straight for the GapFit section. About two years ago, I bought some stuff from Gap that I really loved and considered them a great new resource for active wear. But then something happened, and it all went to shit for about two years. 

The GapFit phoenix has now risen from the ashes and is flying high in some pretty awesome fitness gear. So I got (thanks, mom!) these badass pink shorts. I love them because they are perforated which is a design detail that makes me giddy in any fashion category. (note - the shorts run big). I also got a purple tank top because my farmer's tan is getting slightly out of control, and my shoulders need to start working towards their sun damage quota for the year.

 Check out some of the cuteness they have going on right now. For those of you that are like, "black pants? What's the big deal?" The list of things I expect out of black running pants is longer than the list of things I expect out my husband.

What do you think? It's fun and cute, but not as expensive as schmu-schmu-schmemon. I love that place, but I simply cannot pay $72 for a sportsbra. However, my husband has been instructed than any time he needs help buying me a gift, that he can go and buy me a $72 sportsbra. Speaking of, I still feel like my journey to find the perfect sportsbra is in it's infancy. Please tell me if you have any good advice on sportsbras. I need something supportive, but because I am out in the sun so much, I am on the hunt for something with thinner straps. Any ideas? I will send a gift to anyone that aids me in this quest!


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