Monday, May 6, 2013

Baby shoes make everything better...

The first things I ever bought when pregnant were baby shoes. I bought a pair of driving moccasins and new balance running shoes before I even knew what gender our baby would be.

There is something incredibly magical about baby shoes. For me, part of the appeal is that they are the exact adult version of something, just shrunk down to tiny proportions. I really enjoy baby clothes that fall into that description. For example, Henry has a navy pea coat, many v-neck tshirts, a pearl snap denim shirt, etc.. And there is nothing about them that makes the item "baby" other than it's teeny tiny size.

Another thing that THRILLS me is when Henry can wear something similar to things that Tom and I have in our closets. I found a pair of khaki shorts that seem pretty whatever, but they look just like these North Face shorts that Tom always wears so I love them. And yes, I bought my son red skinny jeans from the girls department at Old Navy so that we could match. But he paired them (I paired them) with a metro striped cardigan, so he totally nailed the look...

It may initially seem weird that I would want to match my SON's clothing to mine, but I don't ever try to put us in the same outfit on the same day. I just get really excited when he has something that is exactly like mine. Obviously, I'm not putting him in dresses or ruffles, but I am definitely putting him in gingham button down shirts. And you haven't lived until you've dressed your baby boy in denim cut offs

Back to the shoes... I have red TOMS, so Henry has red TOMS

I have gold shoes, so Henry has gold shoes.

Unfortunately, (seriously it is unfortunate), he never got to wear the gold driving mocs. They're kind of wide so they would never stay on his feet, and now they are just too small. But at least I made the above picture happen so it was basically worth it. 

This is as close as we came...

Help me out here. You people with little boys sometimes like to dress them like you, right? For those of you who do not have children but do love clothes, do you get what I'm saying here? My husband doesn't get it. He really struggled with the girls skinny jeans. So what if they maybe had a tiny little heart on the button? It's not like you could see it. 


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