Thursday, April 12, 2012

Hobby Lobby saves the day...

We had two new bedside dressers delivered today for our master bedroom today. Up until this point, I had a little table with no drawers and Thomas had this weird wicker thing my mom was getting rid of. Also up until this point, our bedroom was the ugliest room in the house. It's still a major work in progress, but I am glad we have made one step in the right direction.

So because of the new dressers, I had some random stuff that no longer needed to be in there and I used it in our completely empty entry way. It turned out pretty cute. Especially the lamp. That lamp is from Tar-jay and is about five years old. Once I was able to get all the dog hair off the lamp shade, I took the all white shade and hot glued that gold trim on. The trim cost less than $10 at Hobby Lobby and made the lamp SO much cuter.

So here it is...

The spaniel print and the crystal bead bowl are from the Tulsa Flea Market. The depression glass pieces are hand me downs from my grandma. The gold letters are from our wedding (also from Hobby Lobby - originally lime green until I sprayed them with gold paint and gold glitter). I think of our house as friendly and easy going, so I felt "HEY" was an appropriate greeting.

I love that I was able to completely fill this little space, and the only money I spent was $10 on trim. I would like to give Bailey at Peppermint Bliss a shoutout for the inspiration. Oh, and you can also see a little sliver of our new rug in the first picture. It's from Serena & Lily and I am so in love with it. So are the dogs. It's like they instictually knew the rug was expensive and made it their new favorite place to hang out...

I remember when I used to go out every Thursday night. If I was invited to do something on a Thursday night now, I am pretty sure my response would be "ughhhhhhhhhh, but I am SO tired. Do I have to shower?"


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