Sunday, April 8, 2012

Our easter at the club...

Yes, the club. We belong to a country club. I wish this meant that we were really rich and fancy, but instead, this happened through luck and circumstance. The club we belong to is kind of like the Lindsay Lohan of country clubs. It used to be really cool, then it got into a lot of trouble and lost money, it started to look like crap, and now it's desperately trying to build it's reputation back up again. Because of this, the club is kind of like begging for members... Meaning a full family and golf membership is cheaper than playing golf twice a month. At least for us, because we are still in the junior membership age bracket.

I have been to said club twice since we joined in November, but my husband is up there like four times a week. Which makes the membership worth it, and makes me really whiny and pouty.

So anyway, one of the benefits of country club living is access to awesome Easter brunch. I had bacon, an omelet, waffles, fruit, and some potatoes... Overall, it was a great meal spent with our parents and Tom's brother and his wife.

Here we are out by the golf course. Thank you, Jesus, that my husband is huge and I can hide half of my rotund pregnant body behind him...

 And here we are with the other Mr. and Mrs. Dougherty...

There were some other pictures taken in which I look like I am well on my way to Jessica Simpson-hugeness. I already have a large, round face, and the pregnancy jowls aren't doing me any favors. 

On a more serious note, I really love Easter and it's my favorite holiday. As a life long Catholic, Easter is the most significant and joyful celebration of the year, and the happiness at mass is so palpable. Secularly, it's the only family holiday that doesn't seem to conjure up stress and tension. Plus, Easter is all about the dress and I love that. Speaking of, my Easter dress is Shoshanna, purchased for super cheap on Gilt. 

I hope you all had a wonderful Easter and still got a basket from your mom like I did!


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