Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mothers Day!

Happy mothers day out there to all the moms and moms-to-be! And if you are a particularly great dog-mom, then you deserve a special day too! That picture is my mom and I in 1987, right before I turned two. Did you know that Mothers Day was started by a woman who was never a mom herself? She just thought it so important that her mother and all mothers be honored for what they do, that she worked her butt off to create a holiday to celebrate the great moms in our lives. So I hope everyone does something, big or small, to make this day a little more special for their mama.

I hope you are all in the midst of a wonderful day! Mine has been great so far. My husband surprised me with some great gifts this morning, and my dogs even got me a card a little gift too. And to top it off, Tom got me a box of my favorite cookies - Le Petit Ecolier.

I treated myself to some Taco Cabana breakfast this morning, and took my dogs on a walk with my mom. Not sure what I feel like doing this afternoon? Maybe go register for some stuff at Babies R Us? Lay out at the pool? Either way, we are going to a nice dinner with all our parents tonight, and I am looking forward to some delicious steak. I've had an undeniable increased desire for red meat since pregnancy, but because I am super picky about steaks, I don't get to satisfy it as much as I would like.

Because fashion is my number one thing and area of expertise, I wanted to share the awesome dress my husband got me for Mothers Day. It's the DVF Squaretan dress in an aqua color. I figured it would be great for a baby shower (which is why I sent him the link... no I do not have a husband with magical shopping powers). It's really oversized and I just think it's badass. I love DVF design, but I usually have a really hard time with her fit, and I really don't have hardly anything of hers in my closet. Obviously, anyone can fit into this shapeless beauty, including my unborn child.

That's it. Happy Mothers Day. You're the bomb.


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