Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Weight Wednesday: booya!

I really don't know how this happened. I haven't done anything different. If anything, I've eating a tiny bit worse. One thing that has changed is that I got back on birth control. We lovingly accepted our beautiful unplanned gift from God when Henry was born, but I am NOT playing around this time... at least not for a while. Anyway, birth control has never had any weight effects on me in the past, but I am wondering if maybe I was all out of whack and perhaps it's like getting things normal again? Who knows? I mention it because it's the only thing I can use to explain a 3 lb loss this past week.

Another great break-through has been that I can FINALLY get into a pair of my cute jeans. Sure, I have muffin top out the waz, but I have so much satisfaction from being able to kind of dress normal again.
I have never taken a picture for this blog, ever, without Eleanor trying to get in the shot. Can you say velcro dog? Also, please excuse the bed situation in the background - it was laundry day.

On Friday, I have my final weigh-in for the My Fit Foods 21 Day Challenge. I have no idea if I will be able to win. The girl who won last time lost 24 lbs in 21 days. Um, what? Maybe she like wore her cowboy boots and went to the Olive Garden right before her weigh in? I was already dieting at my first weigh in, and a huge "bulk-up" meal was not worth it to me. I think that my final number for the weigh in will be around 15 lbs. I know that doesn't make sense if you look at the numbers at the top. But my blog numbers are based on first thing in the morning, stark naked weigh ins. There are some extra variables that go into the My Fit Food weigh ins. Plus, the nutritional coach is going to give me some pro body builder tips to get a crazy low number for the weigh in. I am usually not this competitive, but I want to win that trip to Cabo so badly!

Ok, so I have 2 more days to lose as much weight as possible. Have any secret tips? I will do anything short of anorexia. Do water pills work? I feel I should explore that option. What about those plastic sweat suits? Maybe I will just sleep in one.

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