Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Weight Wednesday: cookies are ruining my life.

Henry's baptism is coming up, and I decided I wanted to decorate some fancy cookies for the event. The problem is that I have never done this before. I have never made rolled sugar cookies, never made my own cookie icing, nor have I ever decorated with icing. I will admit, that I am pretty crafty, and can pretty much "do" anything I put my mind to. But these cookies are tricky. I have been practicing the past week, and I can already tell that it takes a lot of practice. 

Things started out pretty well... The icing was good, and the cookies were baked (yes, the empty spot is where I ate one)...
Next comes the decorating. I was really scared to over-thin the icing, so when I was first piping and filling the cookies, it was super hard and looked BAD...
Once I got the hang of thinning the icing out, things got a lot better, and I would say my first practice run was mildly successful. They don't look great, but I learned a lot for next time...
I read many places on the internet that these kinds of cookies don't taste all that great, but I found that to be completely untrue. These cookies tasted like they came straight from a cookie bouquet. I did add lemon extract to a small amount of icing and used it on a couple cookies. Those were the bomb. 

If you haven't figured it out, these cookies are the reason I lost no weight this week. I have problems controlling myself with sweets, so I have tried to give as many away as possible. I'll be making another batch next week, so here's hoping they turn out cute, and that I manage to not eat 7 cookies in the process. 

Oh, and one last thing... I did NOT win the trip to Cabo. I did win a $250 gift card to My Fit Foods which I am pumped about. I am not all that bummed that I didn't win the trip, because in order to beat the girl who won, I would've had to lose like 25 lbs. The fact that I wasn't even close to winning makes it an easier pill to swallow. Thanks to all of you that were rooting for me!


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